Saturday, September 04, 2010


Yesterday was my birthday. Which was a little strange because I never expected to live so long. I sit blinking, avoiding introspection, but not really feeling any different from when I was a troublesome teen. Still tilting at the same windmills and hoping they will go down and life and the world will be as I have always dreamed it might be. But enough of my confusion. The real point is to thank all the people – I haven’t counted, but it looks like well over a hundred – who posted good wishes on Facebook. I am really touched and I promise I’ll keep keeping on come what may.

And Butlincat seems to have posted another of my ancient singles. Click here to grok.

The secret word is Passing


Timmy said...

happy birfday, doc......
Hope to see you back on Flaria St. someday.

Anonymous said...

hey doc

birthday wishes from bangalore. take care.

yesyesyes said...

9/3 Ditto / Happy Day/year

Anonymous said...

Ilanga elimndandi kuwe!

I wish you continued rockability, and all the fun you can handle. You are a potent force to be reckoned with.
Mr. mr