Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Our pal Aeswiren sent us this very frightening map from the ultra-libertarian Cato Institute that appears to show how law enforcement in general and SWAT units in particular – mainly under the pretext of the War on Drugs – are busting into people’s homes and killing them. (We have no information on feline fatalities.) This is serious in so far as it seems to be a madness that is similar to the “federal ninja” arrogance of the 1990s that was part and parcel of Waco and Ruby Ridge. Only this time the cops involved are local and seem to simply detest civilians and believe the it’s a capital crime to question the actions or authority of an officer. (Click here.)

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Jon said...

Maybe it's steroids. The statistics on cop rage and steroids are really scary. I know I'm also hearing a lot of people who say cops are like soldiers. Not true. Soldiers kill people. That's what soldiers do. Cops are law enforcement officers and their task is supposedly to serve and protect. I think a lot of cops have bought into that soldier idea.

I was rousted from bed and held at gunpoint in my underwear by a pair of our notorious county sheriffs. They have a long history of killing unarmed people who have committed no crime. This happened a few months ago. I can only say that I was very, very careful as to how I spoke and moved around them. They kept their guns pointed at me for some time even after I had convinced them that they were at the wrong address. I never got an apology or thanks for my cooperation. I'd imagine that if I'd been drunk or even shown a little attitude things would have gone a lot worse.