Sunday, August 01, 2010


I think I can handle ice cream with a shot of absinthe.

"For many people, really good ice cream is akin to sex. For the Icecreamists, ice cream IS sex. And fashion. And music. And all things hip. A self-proclaimed revolution in ice cream, the new brand is dripping in trendy imagery, graffiti-like fonts, scantily clad semi-goth models, edgy ice cream accoutrements and witty taglines and quotes. Clever flavor names, trendy graphics, downloadable wallpapers - even t-shirts and a pendant of their logo - are a part of a marking effort that parallels that of a new movie release. At present they are hyping their 'guerilla' or 'pop-up' store event named "God Save The Cream" in the basement of Selfridges this September, with an appropriately alluring flavor called The Sex Pistol (for the 18+ crowd only). The custom creation is an ice cream cocktail served with a shot of Absinthe. It contains such trendy energy and libido-inducing ingredients as ginkgo, biloba, arginine and guarana as well as a bit of Viagra®. Customers are limited to one serving per person, who must be 18 or older." (Click here for more.)

Click here for Kokomo Arnold
Click here for Elvis

The secret word is Tutti or maybe Fruiti

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stu said...

well,as long as there`s enough absinthe i`m not too bothered about the ice cream.