Tuesday, August 10, 2010


This makes me very happy. For far too long these damned Christians have afforded themselves the right to pillory and condemn anyone who refused to embrace the narrow morality of their mindset. It’s nice to see the tables momentarily turned.

"These church people say horrible things about us," (Foxhole dancer Gina) Hughes said. "They say we're homewreckers and whores. The fact of the matter is, we're working to keep our own homes together, to give our kids what they need." Dunfee said it's not that simple. He said he consistently offers the women help, a chance at redemption. "I tell them, 'I will put a roof over your heads, and your bills will be paid, and your children's bellies will be full,'" he said. Yet they don't come inside. The first few weeks, Dunfee piped the sermon outside. But that "agitated" them, he said, and made them dance in the streets. He said their presence has united his church members and reinvigorated their mission to shut down the club. "They have now seen the evil firsthand," Dunfee said. "This has just made us stronger." Click here for the whole story.

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