Thursday, August 12, 2010


Back in the mid-1990s, the Deviants – the nucleus of which was me, Andy Colquhoun, and Jack Lancaster – recorded a song called “Hard Times”, first as a demo, and then as part of the CD eating Jello With A Heated Fork. As though to prove the song was about a decade and a half premature, our pal Butlincat has posted both versions on YouTube, along with a cover The Who’s “Whiskey Man” by the post-Pink Fairies combo Flying Colors that was Andy, Russell, and Sandy. You’ll notice the first version of “Hard Times” has fuck-words. The second doesn’t. We were trying make it radio friendly. It wasn’t. Click here.

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slim tim slide said...

it was also on the "son Of Ham" CD (and tape) we did with UHCK (and still is i believe... not sure which version though!) I still have a bunch of the Lunar Malice single too (and a t-shirt!)

we still hope for your return Mick!!!!! hope yr well, love tim.