Saturday, August 14, 2010


While all eyes are still on the Gulf, BP is killing the wild mustangs in Nevada. Our pal Elf Hellion writes – “I'm contemplating dropping an anchor baby in Sweden after watching this report by 14-time Emmy winning investigative journalist George Knapp and Above Top Secret. Clandestinely, British Petroleum is systematically killing the wild horses of Nevada (which is illegal) with the help of the Bureau of Land Management. Yes, THAT BP, although the Ruby Pipeline project folks will tell you its owned by Arco (which is BP). Please take a minute and watch this clip, and please distribute far and wide.” Click here and watch in disgust.

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The secret word is Scum

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Jettboy said...

As much as I loves the equines (I AM from texas, after all), this is really just a footnote in the history of a company that seems to write it's own rules with complete impunity. Yeah...beautiful wild horses, and all that, but BP is responsible for much, much bigger crimes than offing Mr. Ed.