Monday, August 09, 2010


It generally seems to be a day in the Doc40 world for wondering (and worrying) what other species might be up to.

"The Lord God first divided the darkness from the light. Then he divided the heavens from the earth and the earth from the sea. Evolution did the rest: It divided the earth between humans and ants, and in so doing created another fundamental dichotomy. There are billions of humans on earth, and trillions upon trillions of ants — an estimated 1.6 million for every human being. If the earth were a scale, and all the humans were placed on one side and all the ants on the other, it would not budge. Ants have answered the ever-expanding human biomass with an ever-expanding biomass of their own, so that the planet is poised, teetering between its two most successful civilizations — each of which is social, aggressive, expansionist, and well suited for war.” Click here for a whole lot more.

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stu said...

what? i`m worried becauses the biomass of ants is greater than humans? NOW MY ANT BROTHERS ...RISE UP!! i`m sorry .i`m pretty drunk but don`t they provide food for others higher up the food chain & so ultimately feed me?i`m off to bed now,i`m you all.