Monday, July 26, 2010


Remember Pat Boone? Back in the depths of the 20th century he used to steal songs from Little Richard and totally emasculate them. Now he writes a column for WorldNet Daily.

“Wouldn't it be great if, when the kids get to school, they could join in a brief voluntary prayer before the classes start? Just a prayer thanking God for our freedoms and asking Him to watch over America and help each kid do his or her best during that school day? Wouldn't that be so much better than the metal detectors and drug testing and free condoms and abortion counseling that have replaced those prayers? Wouldn't it be great if our kids knew that all the great old colleges in America started out as Bible schools? That every single school kid in those early days attended classes in the Bible, along with arithmetic and geography and history? Wouldn't it be wonderful if that were still the case? Wouldn't it be great if every congressman, senator and president still considered himself or herself a "public servant" - and not our monitor or warden or boss? And if every judge knew it was his or her duty and absolute responsibility to render every verdict in strict obedience to the Constitution, and not to some long-held personal philosophy or social view?” (Click here for more if you really want it.)

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roldo said...

Wouldn't it be great if Pat Boone's artifical life-extension treatments were cancelled.

peterrocker said...

If you want to know how crazy he really is just listen or read some of his obnoxious right wing rants against just about everybody except his beloved Republican party.
Then cap it off with his last CD. Pat Boone Rock 'n' Roll