Friday, July 30, 2010


Regular readers will be aware I have a fascination (along with Have Gun – Will Travel) with Nazis in space. Thus, when I stumbled across this image on a very out-there website called UFO Radar, I was elated. The picture may look like concept art for the movie-in-the-making Iron Sky but they assure me it’s a Haunebu III spacecraft from the Third Reich.

"Apparently there was a joint German-Japanese flight to Mars in 1945 using the prototype Haunebu III spacecraft.”

But wait. That’s not all.

“Below is recently leaked video showing a manned voyage that took place to Mars circa 1972 -- 1973. The only information available is that they didn’t go to the surface but were there to map a certain area that is believed to have housed ancient extraterrestrial structures, bases and villages. This was filmed from a cine projector a few years ago and has been watermarked to cover a ‘certain’ logo we’d all recognize. Be sure to check 1:45 where you can just make out a symmetrical pyramid shape structure.” (Click here for the video and more of this wild shit.)

Click here for ? (It’s not the Jaynettes) Also lifted from Dangerous Minds.

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Anonymous said...

I've had a fare amount of experience with 3D modeling and I can say absolutely that the image is software generated.
Color rendering, sky, foreground soldier left, truck etc etc. are classic models.
As an interpretation of the drawings or plans it's quite nicely done.
I hope no one is suggesting that this is real.