Monday, July 19, 2010


The exo-political plot thickens.

“On July 9, 2010, The People’s Daily of China ran a story about a UFO witnessed by hundreds over China on July 7. The UFO closed down Xiaoshan Airport, which serves the city of Hangzhou, for an hour; and Air Traffic controllers could not identify the UFO. An official investigation was subsequently launched. A resident took a photo of the cigar shaped UFO that was cited in the People’s Daily story. Together with radar evidence, the photo has been widely circulated in the mass media as physical evidence of a UFO responsible for closing down a busy regional airport. However, shortly after the People’s Daily story, the photo was included with four others on Godlike Productions a popular U.S. internet forum. The problem was that the four other photos were unrelated to the China incident and/or fakes. The fakes were included with the genuine UFO China photo in a Youtube video that went viral. Was it simply a mistake, or had a psychological operation begun to downplay the significance of the China UFO incident by mixing a genuine photo with fakes.” Click here for the full story, links and a video.

Click here for Chairman Mao’s H-Bomb

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terry the censor said...

How can the exo-plot thicken when it's always the same? Conspiracy!
Watching exopolitics is like watching Scooby Doo.
1) something happens
2) assume the worst
3) react with panic
4) see enemies everywhere
5) crisis passes
6) learn a lesson
7) forget the lesson
8) repeat