Tuesday, July 27, 2010


The following appeared on the blog of Kansas City Police Chief James Corwin. Seems like someone finally figured how there were just too many white powders in this world, and the shit should really be more colorful.

“In the last two months or so, police have started seeing a new trend in drugs in Kansas City: blue meth. It had shown up at a few other spots around the country, but we've only recently been recovering it around here. We haven't seen a huge amount, but it was enough that I wanted to tell you about it so you know to call police if you see something like it. Our undercover units have encountered it a few times, and our Shoal Creek Patrol Division has made four arrests in the last three weeks in which blue meth was recovered. We do know that it is not chemically different than regular methamphetamine. Our crime lab has tested all of it and has determined the active ingredients remain the same, and the blue version is no more potent than the regular meth our officers have recovered. (As an aside - almost all the meth we've recovered lately has been relatively strong, thus presenting even greater risks than meth normally does.) The color could be coming from something as simple as food coloring. Unfortunately, we don't know where the blue meth is coming from. Our Drug Enforcement Unit has several theories about why some meth manufacturers are making it blue. One is that the field test police use to determine whether a substance is methamphetamine is blue, and perhaps criminals are making the meth the same color to make the test harder to read. But the tests continue to work just as well on the blue meth as they do on any other, and besides, all drugs that are field tested are later re-tested for confirmation in our crime lab. Another theory is that the blue could be the mark of the manufacturer, like how ecstasy makers stamp pills with pictures to indicate where they came from or that they're "high quality." Still another hypothesis is that the manufacturers are simply copying the TV show on AMC called "Breaking Bad," which features a character who makes meth and dyes it blue. Whatever the reason, people in Kansas City are making, using and selling blue meth. It is not more potent or chemically different than the regular kind, but it is just as dangerous. If you suspect meth use, distribution or manufacturing, call police.”

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The Hound said...

A case of life imitating TV? The AMC show Breaking Bad, which just ended it's second, excellent season is about a high school chemistry teacher who finds out he's dying of cancer and in order to pay his medical bills and leave a nest egg for his wife and kids go into the meth manufacturing biz with a former student of his. The superior type of meth they make is blue crystals. Since the show is older than the dates sighted in the Kansas police report I wonder if the meth chefs got their recipe from Breaking Bad?

Anonymous said...

It's one of those marketing ploys; re-branding some old crap as some new crap when essentially it is the same crap. Or maybe they dropped their Blue Pencil in the mix...