Thursday, July 22, 2010


Yesterday we had the Cthulhu bobblehead. Today Jon gives us the Cthulhu ukulele. (But I still crave a bobblehead although no one has responded to my begging.)

Click here for Deliverance


Jon said...

I like banjos but that's a ukulele.

Mick said...

Oops. My brain is down. And that diminishes the deliverence joke. But now I fix it.

Miq-Tak said...


x_S said...

I'd send you one of those bobbleheads if I had some more of that damned money. Sadly, in the time being I only have some $17 dollars to my name, though, one dollar is framed & I refuse to spend it, to actually get my hands on another 5 of those dollars I'd have to close out my bank account... so... that leaves me with $11 of money I can actually spend on things.

I don't think I could afford shipping and whatnot if I could even afford the bobble head... it looks like one of those fancy ones so I imagine it's far out of my price range. I saw one for $10.99 with free shipping, though, tax means that's still out of my price range.

& the one that actually looks like the image you have posted sells for $75 new, only 1 in stock... the other kind are all on delay & don't release until august or september, which makes me skeptical, they also only show a hand-drawn image & not the actual product.


x_S said...

Bah, that was half the link... just goolge "cthulhu bobblehead" & click shopping results, that's how I got there.

Anonymous said...

don`t worry about it son