Tuesday, July 06, 2010


This bizarre story from the BBC was supplied by our good buddy UK Steve. And if the World Cup fashioned out of blow wasn’t weird enough, tales of cocaine smuggling submarines being found in the jungles of Central America have circulated since at least the 1990s. (Click here)

“A replica World Cup trophy seized by anti-drugs police in Colombia is made out of cocaine, lab tests have confirmed. The 36cm (14in) statue was found in a delivery crate at Bogota airport. The crate was in an airmail warehouse waiting to be sent to an address in Spain, airport anti-drug chief Jose Piedrahita said. In another development, a submarine built by drug-traffickers was found in Ecuador before its maiden voyage. The World Cup replica was made up of 11kg (24 lb) of the drug, mixed with acetone or gasoline to make it mouldable. The gold-painted statue was found on a routine sweep of the airport on Friday, authorities said. The Ecuadorian submarine, capable of carrying tonnes of cocaine, was discovered in a river near the border with Colombia, the US Drug Enforcement Agency said. The camouflaged 31m- (100 ft-) long vessel has a conning tower, periscope and air-conditioning system. One man was arrested.”

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