Friday, July 30, 2010


Science fiction has never taken all that much notice of China. In some respects, it’s a kinda conservative genre. Now the Chinese are creating their own near-future social-collapse fiction, and have definitely come a long way from Chairman Mao and his thousand blooming flowers. I’m not at all sure what it might mean in the long run, but, on a selfishly personal level, it’d be nice if it provoked a Mandarin translation of The DNA Cowboys. The Russians did one.

“It's 2013, and China's the only country to have survived an economic meltdown. The Chinese own Starbucks, which now serves longan dragon well lattes. So why can't anybody remember an entire month? That's the premise of a new dystopian novel. Chan Koon-Chung's novel Shengshi Zhongguo 2013 (which roughly translates to "The Gilded Age: China 2013") has gone from being a marginalized, underground text — which couldn't even get published in Mainland China — to becoming a major sensation among China's intellectuals.” Click here for more.

Click here for classic Uncle Bill (Lifted from Dangerous Minds. Link on right.)

The secret word is Future

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