Monday, July 12, 2010


Oh dear. Poor lad, but I guess it only goes to show that if you want to play Lee Oswald you have to accept the possibility of Jack Ruby. But why does the little Nazi wear so much lipstick?

“Daniel Cowart is a 21-year-old racist skinhead from Tennessee who pleaded guilty last March to plotting to kill Barack Obama and 7 other charges related to a planned cross-country murder and armed robbery spree. Daniel is back and now he’s asking taxpayers to cough up money to hide his true racist white supremacist colors! Cowart has two tattoos, an iron cross on his chest and a swastika on his shoulder, and he wants them removed because he thinks his fellow inmates are going to kick the shit out of him when he gets to Federal prison. And he’s probably right.”

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The secret word is Heil


Pepsi said...

And purple eyeshadow.

peterrocker said...

What a fuckwit!!!!

I'm thinking of his time in prison &
the song that comes to mind is "Don't
it make my brown eye blue"
In his case, black & blue

Ed Ward said...

And, showing his intelligence, he has his Hackenkreuzen all backwards!

Jon said...

I would pay to have more nazi tattoos put on him. One minute he wants to kill a bunch of people and the next minute he wants the other boys in prison to know he's nice. Umm, man up dude?