Tuesday, June 01, 2010


I dimly recall when flying was kinda sophisticated, now it’s a cramped hell that is seemingly about to get worse. This is a letter to The Consumerist, and I can only add that Dallas to Orange County is bad enough, but LA to London or Tokyo could become even more of a painful nightmare.

“I’m a road warrior and fly every week from Dallas DFW to Orange County SNA for work. I’ve been doing this trip for about 6 months so I know the drill. Every week I book my ticket for about 3 weeks out to get the best fares and to get the seats that I like. My preference has been to sit in row 14 as that is the second exit row and the seats can recline. This week I went to book my ticket for the week of June 14th and I noticed that on my outbound flight (to SNA) 14 was the 2nd exit row, however on my return flight which is June 17th row 15 is the 2nd exit row. I figured it must be a mistake or something and checked around. It looks like American is adding in 2 rows to the 737 on or about June 15th. Previously there were only 28 rows on a 737 but now there will be 30. As someone who flies on the plane every week, I can tell you, it isn’t very roomy in coach as it is. When they add two more rows it will definitely suck.” (Click here for more)

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Charlie Stross said...

Luckily nobody flies 737s between the USA and the UK -- they don't have the range. Even the big US airlines (ack, spit) don't cram the seats as close aboard long-haul wide bodies like the A330 or B777; if nothing else, the risk of lawsuits from DVT would hammer them.

Last time I accidentally flew Continental from Scotland to Boston, the trans-Atlantic leg on a 757 was surprisingly comfortable. Then I had to transfer to a domestic 737 short-haul flight from Newark, and the seats were w-a-y closer together.