Wednesday, June 23, 2010


After 65 days of taking shit for BP, we exile Brits hardly need this. While having absolutely nothing against women with riding crops (or flat hats and tweed jackets) I always wondered why BDSM and erotic flagellation has been traditionally dubbed the “English Vice.” I mean, Sacher-Masoch was Austrian and De Sade was French, so how come this is laid at the door of us Brits. Not that we don’t have our kinks, and some nations don’t have any national perversion all. The French of course are fixatedly connected to all things oral, and I guess, on the level of national sexual stereotyping, I should be grateful I’m not Greek.

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Löst Jimmy said...

Re: women in tweed waving riding crops, I'll quite happily play the serf!

As for BP and the cataclysm, sad to say that it has fallen completely off the mainstream news channels here. But when is it ever any different?