Thursday, June 24, 2010


When I saw the cover of this new release from Monstrosities Books (out August 15th) I had this feeling that I seen it before. The creator J.P. Carlson told the website that…

“The cover is by Italian paleo-artist Fabio Pastori, and the interior illustrations are by Marvel and DC comics artist, Jim Calafiore. It's a dinosaur adventure set in the 1800's on the cusp of the industrial revolution. It's unlike anything out there.”

Then I remembered, it was, in fact, uncommonly like the strip called Flesh that appeared in early copies of the Brit comic 2000AD. The Wikipedia entry reads…

“Flesh first appeared as part of 2000AD's opening line up in its first issue in 1977. Written by Pat Mills, the series was set in the age of dinosaurs who were farmed for their meat by cowboys from the future.”

In fact, the cowboys from the future (led by a character called Earl Reagan) killed so many dinosaurs that they caused them to become extinct despite the efforts of a T-Rex called Old On Eye who led the dinosaur resistance. (See the page below lifted from Everything Comes Back To 2000AD.)

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