Friday, June 18, 2010

CATCH THE WAVE (Endless Summer)

Orange Beach, Alabama, 90 miles from the BP gusher.

Click here for ironic Beach Boys


Anonymous said...

And now it seems BP security goons are keeping people off contaminated public beaches so they can't see what's going on or take shots like this one.

Anonymous said...

Say, Hi there Mick.
I have just got you blog link from a rock photographer mate of mine. We used to know each other in Not Hill back in the seventies. My names Chris.
Funny enough I'd been taking the piss out of that pic and the Beach Boys a couple of days ago, and sending it out by e mail to some mates.
And guess what?
A few hours later, of all the pictures that could have been used Joan Walsh editor of the American liberal online used it to accompany her article about the Gush. ("gush," of course, not spill is the right word. I wonder why they don't use it?)
"FUCKIN' GREAT UNSTOPPABLE GUSH," I believe is the technical term although they don't use it in The Times of London, but it would be used if International Times was still being published, what?
(I.T. was always a great stickler for journalistic accuracy wasn't it?)

Mick said...

BP are spending a shitload of money to stop the use of the word gusher.

Anonymous said...

The word "Gusher," will no doubt be banned from puritanical American usage because it suggest a full on, R. Crumb style, unstoppable orgasm as experienced by Gypsy Granny after being given a good seeing to by Rupert Bear.
The more discrete word "Spill," is used instead as it more suggests an involuntary emission as might happen during the night down in the dirty gulf to any respectable nation state that would never dream of ever playing with itself, EVEN THOUGH IT FUCKING DID!!!