Saturday, May 15, 2010


I never liked the comic strip Little Orphan Annie mainly because Harold Grey was a highly reactionary FDR-hater and defender of the plutocracy in the person of Daddy Warbucks – plus I found Punjab, the turbaned giant, extremely creepy – and I won’t mourn her demise although I do thank the J-Walk blog for the heads up, and note it as one more symptom of how print must mutate or die.

“Even after 86 years, all good things must end and so it goes for the Little Orphan Annie comic strip. An announcement by Tribune Media Services said Little Orphan Annie has been canceled. The last time to catch Annie in the funny papers, according to the, is June 13. In 1924, Little Orphan Annie made her debut in The New York Daily News.”

Click here and suffer.

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