Saturday, May 29, 2010


David DiGiannantonio played the title role in the eighteen-some months of the New York off-off-Broadway run of The Last Words of Dutch Schultz – the rabid r&b musical that Wayne Kramer and I concocted back in the 20th century. Dave died last Friday, back in Italy, of a massive stroke. He was a fine actor, a good friend, a prodigious drinking buddy, and did the best impression of Benito Mussolini I’ve ever seen. He will be sorely missed.

Click here for the studio recording of the overture to the show. Dave does the spoken word parts.


Anonymous said...

Many friends are leaving their condolences at

It's a board that David had visited daily for many years. He's known there as Rajah.

Anonymous said...

He was an artist, a wordsmith, and a true entertainer. He had a passion for music and a wealth of knowledge that surpassed most people. He had a good and generous heart. I only wish I had gotten to say goodbye. God rest your soul, David. May you rest in peace. You will be missed.

Anonymous said...

David was my best beloved cousin, a brother ( his mama is my mother's sister and his father is my father's brother) I have been with him in his last sad hours ...Good bye my genial sensitive little brother Paola