Friday, May 28, 2010


Munz sent us this warning. Modern protesters could wind up as deaf as Pete Townshend.

"Riotous protesters marching at the G20 summit next month may be greeted with ear-splitting “sound cannons,” the latest Toronto police tool for quelling unruly crowds. Toronto police have purchased four, long-range acoustic devices (LRAD) — often referred to as sound guns or sound cannons — for the upcoming June 26-27 summit, the Star has learned. Purchased this month, the LRADs will become a permanent fixture in Toronto law enforcement, said police spokesperson Const. Wendy Drummond. “They were purchased as part of the G20 budget process,” Drummond said. “It’s definitely going to be beneficial for us, not only in the G20 but in any future large gatherings.” Drummond stressed the devices will primarily be used by police as a “communication tool.” The devices double as loudspeakers and can blast booming, directional messages or emergency notifications in 50 different languages; Drummond said Toronto police have used one of the devices already while executing a search warrant this month. But critics say they are really non-lethal weapons and infringe upon protester rights." Click here for more

Click here for Hawkwind (but I couldn’t find a live clip of Sonic Attack)


Jason Block said...

The only thing more depressing than the story are the comments from the readers. I despair for the world.

Löst Jimmy said...

Do not panic, think only of yourself