Friday, May 14, 2010


Yesterday was the 25th anniversary of the MOVE bombing in Philadelphia. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, click here.

And click here for Grace Slick (It’s all the same struggle, my friends, from here to Thailand, and it’s not over yet by a long way.)


Jon said...

Hell yes I remember The Move bombing and I remember that it was just a few years earlier that a group of Ku Klux Klansman shot and killed several anti Klan demonstrators. They did it on television and still got away with it. That was in Greensboro North Carolina.
I don't know. Maybe some things have gotten better on the race front in America. If they've gotten better it's because of determined struggle by brave people. There's sure a lot of fuckheads who want to make things worse.
And I also saw Jefferson Airplane in Central Park, playing for free. They stopped off in New York on their way home from playing the rally to Free Bobby Seale in New Haven. A fond teenage memory.

Anonymous said...


You get the idea. Eat the facts.

Love, from another world.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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This should be an e-Nuke.


Anonymous said...

Fuck the universe!

This guy's insane!

Anonymous said...

And when you are at death's feet, you look the world in the eye and say.. Papa, oo, mamaoamaoa, papa, oo maoamaoamaoamoamaoamoa,.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to ruin your typical childish fun, but you're just another one of the know-it-all who doesn't even have a sense of decency, just pointing out the fact is all.