Thursday, April 22, 2010


Just to demonstrate how out of touch with the world at large I seem able to become, I wasn’t aware that this was the most watched video clip on the whole, entire, world-wide, god-forsaken planet until the Anomaly Man clued me in. Damn. We really are living in a science fiction movie and the R’lyeh Redlight Deadly Fetish Funzone is coming back at us. Click here if you haven’t seen it either.

The secret word is Hermit


Zenarchist said...

Borg in heels.

WV = equal (I shit you not.)

Anonymous said...

Only caught it because you posted, though, I did catch the clip of the one video where she flashed her va-jay-jay.

That's Lady Gaga in my opinion, a video artist, shock fashion, the frivolity of modern music. I've yet to have anybody say anything about, "you have to hear her" like with Alicia Keys or Rusiana, it's always something about her videos or the stage show of her live performances.

I'm just saying, Eric Cartman did better with the vocals on Poker Face than she did.. The content is all aesthetic, it's as britney spears as pop gets in terms of the instrumental, the lyrics are distinctively nice on the ear (mostly), though lacking depth of wisdom, social commentary or creative vision.

I'm not going to act like Lady Gaga isn't good, though, nothing that feels worthwhile where it is at the moment... people are far too quick to judge music by videos & stage shows rather than the music itself these days. I think she has a lot of potential to produce some very good work when she matures if she isn't burnt out by then.

I'll give her work the full attention it deserves when I have somebody insist I need to hear it rather than see it.

roldo said...

I lasted 32 seconds before that overloud booming techno thudthud gave me a headache...and that's only 'cause I was 29 seconds into it before I realised the speakers were off. If that's the world, Out Of Touch is a consumation devoutly to be wished.

nancy said...

grace jones was/is a lot more interesting and did more provocative things decades ago. I can't stand this music, it's so boring. Haven't we heard this somewhere before?

Anonymous said...

I don't think Gaga is a musician. She's a very slick video and performance artist.