Wednesday, April 28, 2010


While checking out YouTube for Jerry Lee Lewis, I came across this scarcely believable comment. I mean, if it been posted in 1955, I might have believed it, but today? Damn.

“My little nephew can holler and hit the keys on his toy piano better than that. Just a lot of clamor! Jerry Lee Lewis was nothing but an inbred, nose-picking, rustic yokel that made good in the music industry because of an agenda to slowly, gradually turn young people away from a quality repertoire to the hellish noise that is standard fare these days. Rock-'n'-roll is nothing but communist propaganda. Every minister in the 1950's warned about it. Indeed, the commies have prevailed in this country. The ministers are doing their duty in preaching the Word of God. Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard are communists. This whole notion about young people needing to have "fun" at the expense of good moral character is communist. Communists destroyed Russia. Culturally, communists have destroyed American popular culture. I stand with the Word of God. (Read Eccl. ch. 12 about youth.)”

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stu said...

"be red hot or ice cold,or the good lord will spew you forth from his mouth".no shit,i`ve done my best since i heard this when i was 15.

slinkymalinky said...

I find it entertaining to know that, on a religious level at least, Jerry Lee Lewis would probably agree with him as he always seemed to see himself as genuinely damned - an evil person doomed to do evil things like play rock 'n' roll. However, a commmunist? What the fuck?

slinkymalinky said...

And anyway, everyone knows the devil has the best music.

roldo said...

1955 is about as far as the most evolved fundamentalcases got.