Monday, April 12, 2010


Last Thursday, under the headline “TRUST ME”, and with no illustration, Doc40 offered a link to what has become known as the Standing Cat video that was rapidly going viral and had to be seen to be believed. Boing Boing has filled us in on some background. French internet culture journalist Aude Baron has been digging into the origins of Standing Cat…

“The cat's name is Rocky. He is 2 years old and his owners are French (Daisy and Yann). Rocky used to stand up because he couldn't see the birds through the windows, and wanted to, so he stood up. Why does he raise his leg in the middle of the video? Probably because there was a bird outside, according to Daisy, or maybe a dog wandering around. Rocky hates dogs. He doesn't stand up too often any more because Daisy and Yann moved their stuff, so now Rocky can see everything without having to go bipedal. He's also able to sit on his bottom like a human (this cat is crazy).”

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Timmy said...

This is the first crack in the Time/Space Continueum, that will be in full force around Dec. 2012... It's the giant evolutionary leap for the survivors of Earthly Life. K?