Sunday, April 11, 2010


And, although the inclination might be to lay in bed and complain, couldn’t Sunday be a day for a science project?

"Discover yet another way to make water explode with simple items from around the house. Chemistry is like cooking without ever being able to lick the bowl. Fortunately, all the chemistry needed in this case is the understanding that water is made up of two hydrogen atoms group-hugging an oxygen atom. Under the right conditions, the hydrogen atoms can be torn away, but they will leave their electrons with the oxygen, perhaps as a sentimental token of affection. Stripped of their electrons, the hydrogen atoms will be positive ions. The abandoned oxygen will be decidedly negative. Making an explosion will be all about causing this break-up, and harvesting the sweet, sweet ions that it yields. First, construct the proper container for the project. Since two different gases will be collected, two different outlets will be necessary. However, both outlets need to draw from a shared reservoir of water. It is also easily made from a couple of empty soda bottles." (Click here for more)

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Anonymous said...

No, Mick... instead, we ought participate in helping one man accomplish his dream of ruining Glen Beck's career...

Then we'll explode water to celebrate.