Friday, April 02, 2010


“At least I had the decency to stay out of politics.”

When I read the item below, I realised that, here in the Shadow World of the Tubular Internets, this video is now a milestone in virtual chicken-history.

"CHARLOTTE, NC.—AEBN has announced that it will be streaming the infamous Paris Hilton sex video for a limited six-month engagement, and that the storied video also has been encoded for RealTouch, the company's proprietary haptic male masturbation device. Hotel Heiress: The Paris Hilton Sex Video, which first hit the internet in 2004, features Hilton and then-boyfriend Rick Salomon in a bedroom romp that includes the green-tinged night vision footage most readily associated with the celebrity sex video. One of the first leaked sex tapes in the age of ubiquitous internet use, clips from the video were widely circulated across the web."

Click here for Main Title Theme (from The Man With The Golden Arm)


Diamond Jim said...

You can't beat Elmer Bernstein.

Pepsi said...

But could probably beat Paris Hilton?

Kermit said...

It's not easy being green.