Sunday, April 25, 2010


Since Thursday, when I admitted my total lack of awareness of Lady Gaga, I have been clued in with a vengeance, specially to her cultural and even occult significance. Unfortunately most of these revelations came by email and not as posted comments, but they were enough to convince me that the lady has it all going on and maybe I should share some of it. Our pal Wendy linked me to an individual called Marco Ponce who seems to believe that Lady G is a witch bent on world conquest. (Although I’ve long tended to worry about conspiracy theorists who have a need to write stuff in caps.)

“Many blogs on Lady Gaga try to decipher all the occult symbolism in her work, this post will just try to convince you she is a WITCH and is out to corrupt people listening to her music SPIRITUALLY FIRST, then morally. I’d like to introduced you to an ex-witch which was saved by the Lord Jesus Christ and began to speak out on his high level occult involvement and was then ASSASSINATED for it. His name is John Todd and I will be adding his testimony throughout this post.

"The TRIad claw is tied to the reptilian Dragon’s claw. If one did bend down the two attached fingers then one would create the el-diablo (aka mano cornuto) signal also from it. Remember that the Dragon is the sacred animal of Lucifer whilst her next sacred animal is the Lion. TRI meaning three, the three so called angels protecting Satan with the equilateral TRIangle, the all seeing eye of Saturn. Also signals the letters ‘M’ and ‘W’ which both symbolise 666 from the three ‘Vs’. The 666 being the ‘Beast’.

"Interesting to see red around her when she’s throwing the symbolism of the feminine capstone of Lucifer. Notice how she highlights the eye which represents the Sun. The Left eye is of course the Moon and the one which Horus had ripped out by Seth. Remember the TRIangle is itself the symbol of the masculine Satan, the planet Saturn and his three angels.” (Click here for the whole weird thing)

Click here for Telephone

Click here for some spectacular staging

I'm told the secret word is Fun


hcb said...

What clued me to Gaga--can't remember why--is an acoustic version of Poker Face, Gaga on the piano, that is probably still on YouTube, and which completely demystifies her and the song. It puts her squarely in the Carole King/Laura Nyro Brill-ish Building tradition, with a few new lyrical twists. Thing is, it locked the song into my matrix in such a way that when I saw the hard-sell video much later, not remembering her or the earlier version, the tune hooked me hard.

hcb said...

the word verification is "fableas"

Stonehenge said...

She's a lamb in wolf's clothing. Just another pop product, but with more off-the wall costuming. For all her attempted freakery, she is no more transgressive than a Jonus Brother or Ms. Spears.
She is the poor man's Grace Jones. Now THERE'S a WOMAN!

some girl said...

right on, stonehenge.

Jason Louv said...

Lady Gaga and the Dead Planet Grotesque

Jason Louv said...
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Anonymous said...

So... the military goes into space with a new prototype & you're all still like "OMGAGA"?

Mick said...

Oh dear. Am I being chastized for talking about Lady Gaga when I should have been doing something about a new military spaceship?