Friday, April 02, 2010


Only a couple of days ago the UK tabloid media were bent out of shape about the designer drug mephedrone, but now we learn from this Sky News report, forwarded by our homeboy Arsyd, time has marched on and today they are wholly hysterical about something called naphyrone that is ten times worse on the disco-party drug fantasy scale of horror. Should the mind boggle or just pour itself a drink?

“Dave Llewellyn, who admits supplying large quantities of mephedrone to customers in the UK, said the new chemical is so dangerous he was refusing to sell it on his website - although it would not be against the law. "This stuff is absolutely evil - it's going to cause all sorts of psychological problems," he told Sky News. "It will cause long-term brain damage from the very first hit and eventually it's going to end up with bodies."
Naphyrone is already being marketed as a mephedrone replacement, but according to Mr Llewellyn it is far more toxic than many illegal drugs like cocaine and ecstasy. The substance is sold online under the name NRG-1 and costs as little as 25 pence a hit. The fact it is so cheap means, according to Mr Llewellyn, that it is likely to become hugely popular with youngsters. "I think it really could be Europe's crystal meth. I can see an epidemic where people are getting into it without realising what they're getting into and then having to go back for more." For the moment naphyrone is not widely available in the UK, but its presence is a concern for many established scientists. Medical director of the charity Addaction Dr Ken Checinski has warned those considering taking the designer drug to think again. "We know a little about its chemistry. We know it's a variant of other substances both legal and illegal that can cause psychological and physical harm," he said. The Government is currently trying to outlaw mephedrone - but naphyrone is likely to escape the ban for the moment.”

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Diamond Jim said...

I you're worried about naphyrone, you never took the brown acid.

Mick said...
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Diamond Jim said...

That should read "If you're worried..."

Anonymous said...

The brown acid? Right.

x_S said...

All of this wouldn't be such a fucking problem if the drugs these dangerous synthetics are emulating were, oh, I don't know, legal.

Honestly, what the fuck is the problem?

Aggressive persecution of substances like marijuana, cocaine & psilocybin-mushrooms has ultimately culminated in the very children sought to be protected by such prohibitions are finding ways around the spirit of the law, experimenting with substances vastly more dangerous than those we first banned. To simply outlaw these new drugs is to build a bridge to nowhere with our drug policy. The stagnation is so thick the very laws sought to have impact are rendered ineffective before the argument is even underway! Until there is an approach that involves the legalization & regulation of the lesser evils among these substances, things will only continue to get worse.

roldo said...

Unless, x_S, the actual policy is to encourage harmful drugs in order to make the beneficial seem equally dangerous to the masses - a possibility not to be dismissed without consideration.
What anyone needs beyond Pot and the occassional dose of 'Shrooms to de-frag the wet-ware purely escapes me.

Space Jockey said...

You buy the ticket and you take the ride.

Tidholmen, VARNING för grundstötning said...

Tried the mephedrone and im not alone in hating that substance. Felt like youve been eating xtc like candy for years, total brainfry. And anxiety, total discomfort in every way. Sure it was fun when it was ON, but after it was over i was ready for the psycheward, and friends of mine really ended up there. Fuckin fake-amphetamine. Best internet speed/x i have tried but not worth it... My brain have just come back after sevERAL YEARS WITH OVER THE TOP CONSUMTION OF CHEMICALS...tried that shit and it set me back a few years directly NOT REALLY BACK, BUT CLOSE ENOUGH:):) SKIP MEPHEDROOONE BUY SPEED OR COKE INSTEAD

Rock On Mick.... Posting some shit about Pink Fairies and you on my blog. a bit OCD with the pink fairy thing but i gotta focus my attention on something... Bye from Sweden