Sunday, March 28, 2010


In a well ordered world women will ride deco-baroque phalluses with caterpillar treads while men have swordfights with x-ray Mongols. But what is that weird fluid gushing from the background citadel? Houston, do we have a problem?


Anonymous said...

One of the Kool-Aid creatures violently burst through the walls of the wrong compound... When statistical analysis came to an evaluation of the situation, self destruct commands were executed. That, in the background, is the result.


roldo said...

I was thinking that perhaps the citadel found the deco-baroque phallus with caterpillar treads erotically stimulating.

Diamond Jim said...

I was thinking something similar.

hcb said...

Obviously the couple on the cover are escaping from a sentient bit of organic architecture after stealing the organism's intrauterine device, which is in the blond's hand. All hell is breaking loose.

I like the fact that the rocket sled also has caterpillar tracks. You don't see many of those these days.