Monday, March 29, 2010


Now the hideous RDX and shrapnel explosions at the Lubyanka and Park Kultury stations in the Moscow subway are being assumed to be work of some radical Islamic crew out of the North Caucasus, the Russians become much stronger de facto allies with the US in the mythic War on Terror. Meanwhile, Obama is signing a nuclear warhead reduction treaty with Russia, that the idiot bloody Republicans will – raising their uncomprehending snouts from the corporate trough – attempt to block, doubtless dusting off all their demented Cold War, the-missiles-are-flying rhetoric, and sending out Palin because she can see Russia from her porch. But they could now fall into a massive trap that, by not allowing Obama to chum up to the Russians, they would be damaging a crucial Alliance Against Terror. Is that an open can of worms we see before us, or what? Under Chicago rules, the Dems are obliged use it.

Click here for a BBC report of the tragic basics.

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The secret word is Yalta

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