Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Yesterday we wondered if humans were too stupid to prevent climate change. Today we wonder which ones are stupid enough to pay sixteen hundred bucks for a ripped t-shirt. I lifted this intact from World of Wonder.

"The $1,625 Balmain t-shirt. "Go for stylishly disheveled cool in Balmain's olive green distressed detail cotton t-shirt. Work the runway look by teaming this statement staple with cargo pants and ankle boots for a luxe spin on utility chic. Balmain t-shirt with distressed hole detail has a high round neck, short sleeves and simply slips on. 100% cotton."

Click here for Bryan Ferry

The secret word is Grift


Jon said...

Oh dear, I recall my naivete in the early days of punk rock. I said something about punk being great because it was something to do with no pattern of consumption attached to it: "It's all do it yourself! Nobody's going to make any money marketing ripped t shirts!".
My friend, Joe, who had already surveyed the emerging marketing plan that was St Marks Place said, "Just wait."
That was about 1978. Life had a hell of party with me after that.

zenithreptile said...

The tshirt kind of looks surprised. Maybe it's just been told that there's actually a market for this kind of shit.

Ian said...

Wait... isn't that the face of Jesus?

slinkymalinky said...

The Cosmic Joker strikes again.

x_S said...

Does this increase the value of my wardrobe?

Seriously? Can I start selling my torn up & paint stained clothes for prices like that on ebay or something?

I could pay a quarter's worth of tuition for that much.

stu said...