Tuesday, January 05, 2010


You can call me an unreconstructed old hippie but, damn, I like this and I want some. (It's a shame the picture isn't bigger.)

"Light-emitting wallpaper may begin to replace light bulbs from 2012, according to a government body that supports low-carbon technology.
A chemical coating on the walls will illuminate all parts of the room with an even glow, which mimics sunlight and avoids the shadows and glare of conventional bulbs.
Although an electrical current will be used to stimulate the chemicals to produce light, the voltage will be very low and the walls will be safe to touch. Dimmer switches will control brightness, as with traditional lighting."
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The secret word is Wow!


Munz said...

That wallpaper is rather trippy as well as environmentally sound.

"Unreconstructed old hippie" is a high compliment from my perspective.

wv - potsh

Benjamin Owens said...

This tech is way beyond just wall paper... it translates to television ceilings, think vegas light shows on the side walk & walls at stripmalls... sure, wall paper lighting is one feature, but reading the article, that's just an OLED that's durable, cheap, & thin enough that it could completely change the game of twister forever.

Lyle Hopwood said...

This article reminds me of those columns in Viz where they would make crap up about the future. "In the future plastic bags will have legs and a 'brain' that sends them legging it back to the shop to get more groceries - at a snap of your fingers!"

Ernie said...

I'd like a plastic bag with legs.

Ben Coleman said...

"Grooving on the spiritual meaning of the patterns on my wall"...

Just you wait, Mick, the LED based stuff is even more psychedelic. There are rooms in designer buildings that assign specific patterns and colors of light to individuals that follow them around the walls, floor and ceiling as they enter and leave, like auras or luminescent signatures. I want some too: right now I have some fairy lights and an Ikea lamp to groove on.

kass said...

Peromyscus, I know what you mean. No one was ever going to have to lift a finger in those bleached out surreal futures, right?

So how is a population of debt peons gonna pay for glowing walls? Bladerunner's a lot closer to what we can look forward to. Those dim, trash filled streets full of dreary bicyclers, noodle joints, and geishas coyly hawking pills on wide-screen billboards are just around the corner.

WV: amenes... right

Tim Holtze said...

Now that's getting into the science fiction style. I think we were way off with the year 2000 being futuristic, ( think Space 1999 ), but we're starting to catch up finally.