Monday, August 24, 2009


Earlier in the night another mildly weird thing happened. I was watching – by default – a movie called Chop Suey by photographer Bruce Weber, in which, without any explanation, was a short clip of Robert Mitchum and Dr John, recording the tune “When It’s Sleepy Time Down South.” Hardly believing it, I looked for some other reference but found none, so all I can do is to pass the snippet on for what it’s worth.

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Ghostwoods said...

Ahh, takes me back to the good old days listening to Julian Cope: "Robert, Robert Mitchum, I love you yes I love you yes I really do"... Marvellous.

Much less marvellous, and cruelly unrelated, is this:

They're dressing it up as a 'taser', but this is an electro-shock shotgun for the police.

Exactly how much more Blakes 7 are we going to get, anyway?