Wednesday, July 29, 2009


We seem to be in a meme of danger-tech. The following comes from Tim via Facebook, as the whole question of police power is raised in the US.

“Leading stun gun manufacturer Taser International Inc. unveiled on Monday a device that is capable of deploying three shocks without having to be recharged — a move that comes just days after a British Columbia inquiry urged stricter limits on the use of the weapons.
Typically, law enforcement officers using stun guns — also known as conducted energy weapons — have to reload after each deployment. Officers using the weapons no longer have to wait to deploy the weapons again, and now can deliver multiple shocks in quick succession.
This capacity could help officers who have missed a target or have more than one suspect to subdue. Whether or not law enforcement officers should be given the ability to shock people multiple times has been a contentious issue in Canada. One of the recommendations of a report on stun gun use released Thursday by former B.C. Appeal Court justice Thomas Braidwood suggests such use is unwarranted and potentially deadly.”
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Ian said...

Can't wait for them to deploy the multi-barreled "crowd control" version. I'm shocked, I tell you.

Faux_Smoke said...

Now imagine rioters wearing rubber body armor fashioned from the tires & treads slashed off of over-turned & burning vehicles...

WV= balid

Diamond Jim said...

Good thinking, Bro Faux!