Tuesday, May 26, 2009


How tightly locked down are the doors of perception in this aftermath of Bush-era constriction, deception, and stupidity? Dare we hope for a spiritual awakening or is the road to ruin too well mapped in advance? Our good buddy Sigmond Twayne started the ball rolling with a video of Terence McKenna
and then I collected a few more for good measure.

Click here for “Reclaim You Mind”

Click here for "Aliens"

Click here for "UFOs"

Click here for "Cultural Operating System"

And click here for the other side of the coin and see FBI boss Mueller repeat the same tired excuses for not legalizing drugs.


roldo said...

Nary a comment! Now THAT'S scary.

roldo said...

STILL nary a comment!! Upgrade "scary" to "frightening".

wv is "proph"...which is at least ominous...

Mark Haspam said...

maybe it's just a case of Beefheart's:

“May the baby Jesus shut your mouth and open your mind.”