Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Just as I came round to thinking that Maureen Dowd was maybe okay after all, she goes and blows it by cutting, pasting, and generally ripping off some other writer’s work. Okay so Mo has more excuses than a pimp going to jail, but fuck, this is just plain sleazy, and I don’t want to hear how she’s under pressure. She’s paid more than enough in these suicidal times to do it right. I can only agree with John McQuaid on HuffPo. “Sunday's incident gives us an additional window on the slapdash way a MoDo column is assembled. Dowd could be using the vast resources and reach of the Times and her substantial writer's gifts to produce a great column. That's the whole idea, right?” (Click here for his whole post.)

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x_S said...

I fail the course if I resort to such methods & get caught... even if I have a 28 credit workload of classes to juggle & a part-time job... the academic world teaches us that there are no excuses.

Then again, there's a massive difference between places of business vs academia... Who am I to judge?