Friday, October 24, 2008

THE ADVENTURES OF MARILYN (Strange Peripheral Video)

Click here and make of it what you will.”
(Sent by our pal Iggy)

Puzzled new readers should scroll back for previous episodes of The Adventures Of Marilyn. (Look for the pink type.)

The secret words are Life & Art


Löst Jimmy said...

That is one cool picture of Marilyn right there

garage 66 & mojo repair shop said...

She looks confused,and seems to have a whole battle going on within her. I wonder what she's thinking. I'll bet she's thinking why am I doing these shitty movies where I play this stupid dizty blonde.But it's a living,for now.
Or maybe she's thinking,I hope those old photos of me naked don't come out now,because now I'm getting famous. Oh well...
Or maybe she just wanted to be married to a nice guy who repected her,and let her be herself,and not be asked to stop acting,and be a stay at home wifey.
what do you think?

Anonymous said...

No shes thinking Jack let me go to Roswell,and what was that I saw....

Anonymous said...

Garage 66, well said sister. (And I love your site.

(OMG the word verification is "wanthip")

Gerin said...

In my town there are many disguised aliens. They enjoy their normal civil rights. During the day they work normally but in the evening they become a kind of octopusies. They are vegetarians, their main food is paper, precisely... money. We call them Rove (to plot, to conspire - in our language).
We may send you some if you are not satisfied with just one.
With few more you 'll have a beautiful Kafka-Orvell mix.
I'm joking... you got it already.

Anonymous said...

Oh Garage66, some of us like it hot and many of us are misfits. So enough of the same old bitching.

word verification is really honing in. Forgive typo.