Saturday, May 24, 2008


As pandas are saved from the Chinese Chinese mega-quake, it might raise the ethical question of whether we first save Pandas or humans, but I will not engage in it. Me, I’m with the pandas. (Click for video)


Anonymous said...

I guess I'm just an asshole, but when I look at pandas I only see coats, really gorgeous coats. Of course, when I see dalmations I just see boots with a lot of extra parts.

Apologies, but I think the lowliest, starving, distended-bellied, fly encrusted, illiterate Chinese peasant child is worth the life of every panda on the planet.

Valerie said...

Yeah guess you are from your choice of adjectives for the Chinese peasant child.

Some of those collapsed buildings sure looked like schools and supermarkets to me

Wouldn't trust you with the kids or the pandas.

Wanda said...

There's plenty of Chinese but pandas are a rarity.

Maggie M'Gill said...

Hmm. It's more of a logistical question than one to do with ethics. The pandas would come first - hire a coach, shove them aboard, and give them a few days r & r in Peking (just remember they're vegetarians). There's only about 20 of them after all - much easier to cope with than the 1.2bn Chinese, who although undoubtedly lovely would require many more coaches to remove them from the mega-quake.