Sunday, May 18, 2008


“We’re fleas, not ants. But we look real menacing and you’ve yet to discover what we have planned.”

Uncle Bill Burroughs always warned us how the planet was drifting to random insect doom, but doom seems to be a hell of a lot closer with the arrival in Texas of crazy raspberry ants that like to attack computers and other electronic hardware. The following story from The Daily Tech was forwarded for our education and concern by some girl…

"A new species of ant has arrived in Houston and is believed to have come to Texas via a cargo ship that arrived at the Port of Houston. The ants are called crazy rasberry ants. The ants get the odd name from the fact that they tend to move erratically around in search of food rather than moving in orderly lines like typical ants." Click for full story

The secret word is Formic


Natasha Yar-Routh said...

This story irresistibly reminds me of the 70’s scifi horror flick Phase IV. Especially the whole ants eating electronics thing which is right out of the movie.

Doris said...

We're the dust mites
Not fleas

Our secret word is sneeze.