Monday, December 17, 2007


I’m not even sure about this myself. Should I do it? Or would it be gauche or bad form? From Counter Punch to Susie Bright I see all these blogs and static websites having what they call fund raising appeals to cover their operating expenses. Now I couldn’t say that Doc40 exactly had operating expenses, and we don’t take adds or (so far) sell you stuff, but funds are a constant headache, so being the Yule and all, I shed all shame and say what the fuck? The sensei puts out his begging bowl. Let’s have a one-time fundraiser. So Paypal contributions or Amazon gift vouchers or whatever will be very welcome at (The illustration, by the way is an original by the later lamented Edward Barker, who I miss greatly.)

The secret word is Cheer


A.P. said...

Your writing has provided a lot of enjoyment over the years. That's deserving of at least a small donation. Paypal payment on the way.

Merry Christmas/Xmas/Yule/etc


Jon said...

I was thinking about this. Isn't there some way that you can set up "Doc's Books and Records" whereby we click on a link to some Farren product and are taken to Amazon? Then, if we purchase something, you get some small percentage. I know Amazon used to have something like that. I suppose it could be argued that the blog itself is Farren product and we should be paying for that too.