Saturday, September 29, 2007


Would you believe I used to lend this man a quid ‘til Friday? That I let him eat the cheese out of my fridge? That he and I wrote a bunch of tunes together? Well, we did, and here’s one of them, “Damage Case” being performed by Metallica with Lemmy as a special guest.


MetroHopper said...

One of his current percussionists usta employ the sadistic services of one of my writers—not too many years ago, to boot, just off melrose near the 101 Freeway—when I had my own rag as well as wrote for Flipside and Ben Is Dead while battling with Jim of Answer me! and Tim Yo in his last (albeit belligerent days). Weird coincidence is that I finally picked up the best Hawkwind album EVER (DoReMi. . . ) CD (I usta have the faux-foil-covered LP as a young crusty) just two days ago. And I still have a treasured photo of my lanky arse with lemmy behind the Long Beach Arena when he opened (what a fooken travesty!) for the mid-1980s Kane-wrecked Alice Cooper.

Oh, I hear you are reading down the street at Skylight. Is that fact?

ex-rev. Randall

Mick said...

You heard right, ex-Rev. I will be reading tonight (Thursday) at around 7.00pm.

Mick said...

And tell me rev are the days gone when writers also dispensed sadistic services? I fear so.