Friday, August 10, 2007


This story headed “Eight-million-year-old bug is alive and growing” culled by HCB from the New Scientist strikes me as a really bad idea. So bad in fact, that the H. P. Lovecraft, Yog-Sothoth crowd are waiting for something really nasty to happen should it happen to get loose.

An 8-million-year-old bacterium that was extracted from the oldest known ice on Earth is now growing in a laboratory, claim researchers. If confirmed, this means ancient bacteria and viruses will come back to life as ice melts due to global warming. This is nothing to worry about, say experts, because the process has been going on for billions of years and the bugs are unlikely to cause human disease. Kay Bidle of Rutgers University in New Jersey, US, and his colleagues extracted DNA and bacteria from ice found between 3 and 5 metres beneath the surface of a glacier in the Beacon and Mullins valleys of Antarctica. The ice gets older as it flows down the valleys and the researchers took five samples that were between 100,000 and 8 million years old. (For more…)

The secret word is Telluric

But after all this grim shit, here are a whole bunch of optical illusions to mess with when stoned.


Anonymous said...

Not long to wait now, kiddies.

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Probe after tour boat hit by ice
9th August 2007

An investigation has been launched into a luxury sightseeing trip that left 17 British tourists injured after falling ice from a glacier hit their luxury boat in the Arctic...

The blocks of ice hit the side of the vessel as it was carrying tourists off the Svalbard Islands, 300 miles north of Norway.

The injured Britons were among 46 who had paid around £2,500 to take part in the "expedition voyage", booked through specialist tour operator Discover The World. Authorities in Svalbard have launched the investigation.

Not long at all.