Thursday, February 01, 2007


HCB posts a visual comment and the message, “You left out the primary Metalunan mutant motivation, (Bad) Faith Domergue!”

And you might wonder why we’re wasting so much time, space, and energy on whacked retro-alien trivia, when there’s so much else of so much more vital importance in the world. Well, my friends, the answer is that here at Doc40 we’re both biding our time and covering our bases. It would seem that the aliens might be back. First they buzzed Chicago and more recently Hawaii.
Also, despite all of the voices raised in universal condemnation, George W. fucking Bush seems bent on provoking some kind of military confrontation with Iran in the near future. The nuke-fear machine is cranking up, but, thank heavens, only the extreme wing nuts are listening. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to deter either him or his Uncle Cheney, and they're just surging ahead.

And so I wait -- maybe for another instalment in the neocom apocalyse-soon -- having minimal if any fun, watching far too much TV, and concerning myself more with the Cylon menace than the Mamalukes of Islam.

The secret word is Juvenile

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the aliens paid me a visit the other night...