Friday, December 23, 2005

Yes, brothers and sisters, it’s the...

Heap food on your family!
Without spilling a drop.
Santa gonna be coming.
Down your chimney tonight.
One of those bells that now and then ring.
I too was amazed.
Half full and half empty are the same fucking thing, man!
The camel in the eye with a needle.
You would be well advised to behave with discretion.
We played every song that driver knew.
The shaman does the cool jerk.
Except today isn’t Wednesday.
It’s Wednesday somewhere.
The bears were on fire.
The sidewalks were on fire.
A wild cat did howl.
The anagram of Satan.
Gobble, gobble.
How many nails did you say you had?
Charge in all directions at once!
We don’t need no stinking sanity clause.
We don’t need no stinking pear tree.
Ain’t nothing but a voice from the bicameral mind.
And science is mankind’s brother.
Beware the mineshaft gap!
You can put a cat in an oven.
But it don’t make it a biscuit.
You bloodthirsty reactionary, you are sadly mistaken.
There’s no one else in the car.
No direction home.
Johnny 7 One Man Army.
No figgy pudding.
The bird is still the word.
Not stealing. Paying tribute.
Recycle the airlock.
He injected himself with a hard-boiled egg.
No safety in objects.
Quick, before the fight starts.
She ran away on a bus to Vegas.
Fire in the impulse cylinders!
There are never enough lifeboats.
Workers of the World ignite!
You have nothing to lose but your branes.
A brane is a terrible thing to waste.
They make great pets.
Here come the proletariat.
Yes. They make great pets.
Clinton is spending more time in Harlem.
Undertake the undertaking.
I’m making breakfast.
I beat him when he sneezes.
I don’t feel well.
Welcome to the cheap seats.
Turn off all electrical devices.
Never jam today?
Do the timewarp again.
What took you so long?

I like the Iliad.
I've never been Homer-phobic.
Bechtel owns the rain.
You politically illiterate hooligan!
Clothed all in green, ho, ho.
Your accusation is no more than barking at the moon!
One is me and the other isn’t you.
Misery loves capital.
Five gold rings.
A committee will investigate.
He don’t know me very well, do he?
A insoluble crossword puzzle that demands no answers.
Your velcro has been cut.
The red wire or the blue wire?
Don’t take a knife to a gunfight.
Rule Britannia.
Hello sailor.
What did you expect from a nautical nation?
There must be some kinda way out of here.
Living is easy with eyes closed.
Close my eyes and drift away.
Some junkie nurse has been cutting the morphine with Sani-Flush.
Dr Benway, I presume?
So walk my happy ass outta here.

The secret word is Wassail

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