Saturday, February 26, 2005

JIMMY SMITH RIP (I only just heard.)

Obviously the death of Hunter Thompson has taken up a lot of my thoughts this week, but I have that feeling its time to stop mourning and get back into the fight. I believe there’s a tribute show happening and I’ll he happy to participate, but Doc40 plays the Last Post and salutes the Doctor with his own words...

Hunter S. Thompson, November 2004:
"We have become a Nazi monster in the eyes of the whole world, a nation of bullies and bastards who would rather kill than live peacefully. We are not just Whores for power and oil, but killer whores with hate and fear in our hearts. We are human scum, and that is how history will judge us.
"No redeeming social value. Just whores. Get out of our way, or we'll kill you. Who does vote for these dishonest shitheads? Who among us can be happy and proud of having all this innocent blood on our hands? Who are these swine? These flag-sucking half-wits who get fleeced and fooled by stupid little rich kids like George Bush?
"They are the same ones who wanted to have Muhammad Ali locked up for refusing to kill gooks. They speak for all that is cruel and stupid and vicious in the American character. They are the racists and hate mongers among us; they are the Ku Klux Klan. I piss down the throats of these Nazis.
"And I am too old to worry about whether they like it or not. Fuck them

In the matter of Condoleezza’s dom-Matrix outfit, (see yesterday) the objections of some girl over on the Comments Board do seem to forget Eddie Izzard’s basic rule of 70% impression etc.. We should have learned by that when these bastards speak, they say nothing and reveal less. We have already been subjected to La Rice’s spurious visions of mushroom clouds, and I fear all truth or even warnings are now down with the sub-literate and sub-verbal. On this Euro-junket, Bush used the word strength 21 times in a single speech, declared the idea that he planned to attack Iran "ridiculous", but then gave that loathsome smirk that "all options were on the table." This is the start of totalitarianism, people. We have to read between the party lines, as Bush visits the Castle of Count Putin. In Europe Bush has played the roll of the thug-gormless shitkicker who is smiling now, just as long as y’all are agreeing with him. Then Rice shows up in Germany dressed like Hannah Reitsch*, Hitler’s favorite aviarix, and you gotta know there’s something going on. You think Karl Rove doesn’t vet the wardrobe? The hubris is pilling up so fast, you need wings to stay above it. Bush and Rice and the rest of the gang have gotten away with so much they now believe they’re invincible. Condoleezza’s costume telegraphed "I am the Lizard Queen, I can do anything." Or that’s how I would have written it.

*For more on Hanna Reitsch

The secret word is Messerschmidt

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