Wednesday, November 03, 2004


As I was attempting to rationalize some perverse and unhealthy method by which to find the last twelve hours amusing, and also contemplating the romance of an old fashioned revolution with flags, marching songs, and hideous carnage, the following came from England’s green and pleasant.

Jeezus wept, just woke up to the news that the election is all but lost to Bush, and although thereis still a slim chance of Kerry salvaging it things don't bode well. If anything, I feel more gutted nowthan when Bush was elected for his first term. It's almost impossible to countenance the prospect of another four years of this madman and his puppeteers - not to mention the repercussions that this second term will cause down the years to come. But while there's still a slim hope....

And from Roger in Scotland...

Oh fuck.

The secret word is Suicide

CRYPTIQUEMartians went home

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