Thursday, April 22, 2004


I was going to get down with Iraq and this new evangelical bullshit that it’s Armageddon warming its jets just like in the Left Behind doomsday saga, and the eyes of the unbelievers will agonizingly melt at the onslaught of Jesus, etc, etc,. But it’s been a long day and I’m going to lay down my weary tune for tonight. I will leave you, though, with this note from some girl that takes a new look at the Doc40 comments board.


Some girl writes...
as i was looking at the comments on your blog, where the number creeps ever higher, and wondering where the insanity will stop, a thought occurred to me. i think i have made this individual-comments-vs.-continuing-comments argument in the wrong manner (ie, some vague bullshit about web/blog aesthetics). but i noticed as i looked at the unwieldy comment board that, even before the crash and burn, there really weren't any new commenters. it's all the same people, give or take a random lunatic, and i think you should consider the possibility that the comments in their current form could prove daunting to any newcomer. it looks like a closed little cyber-community -- as opposed to an open one. i recommend giving doc40 visitors the ability to comment after every new post. and maybe you could explore the possibility of turning the existing comments board into an actual forum (a la the buffyguide boards and millions of other examples), so your in-crowd can still continue to play the way they want to.

So what does anyone else think? Chaos generates fear and elitism? Maoist rough & tumble or silliness? Comment by scrolling to the bottom of the chaos above, or write

The problem so far has been the technology of which I have had a basinful of late. This is a pop and nothing store, my friends. Rich tried installing a second version of enetation but it simply duplicated itself. I think what I would need to implement some girl’s suggestion might well be a second comments system provider, and very simply spelled out instructions on how to install it. I can only quote Groucho Marx. “A child of five could understand this. Fetch me a child of five.”


Munz is first with the news that The Deviants “Let's Loot the Supermarket...” is #87 in the May Mojo's 100 Greatest Protest Songs. Fame at last, fame at last.


I still have a mess of unanswered email, but I’m getting to it. I swear. Also the next Slide On The Run episode is on the stove.

CRYPTIQUECivilization ends.

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