Friday, May 30, 2008


Our good pal Steve sent this video clip from the BBC that provides an amazing insight into the levels of paranoia which the British Government and their grim minions in the Special Branch – the Brit anti-terrorist equivalent of the FBI – viewed the anti-Vietnam War movement and the belief of some right-wing extremists that The Doors were behind it all.

As Steve writes…
Loads of official documents obtained by the Beeb about the 1968 protests. Some fascinating stuff -- apparently we were making Molotov cocktails out of lightbulbs (!) and filling eggs with acid and hiding them in lunchboxes to avoid detection. And, of course, the whole shebang was orchestrated by the Doors (those rascals)...

Click to watch this quite extraordinary video.
And if you want to see a rerun of me on another show talking about the same events click here.

Younger readers might well comment that this was all back in the day, and would hardly be possible here in the 21st century. I can only agree. Today, those in power appear twenty times more paranoid.

The secret word is Insanity.

Meanwhile, back at LA CityBeat I talk about the quality of Barack Obama’s suits. (But my run at CityBeat is almost done. More about that in the future.)

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Maggie M'Gill said...

Tremendous - thanks Mick. My longtime Doors friend Larraine arrives from Oz to stay in ten days' time - she will love this, particularly when accompanied with Courvoisier. Will raise one to Jim and yourself.